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Since we are a non-profit organization, we gladly accept donations! If you decide to make a donation, we can provide you with our tax number to receive a tax write-off.

What your donation helps with:

* We have to feed 11 horses daily, which is about 1 bag of feed per day- this is not cheap.

* Farrier fees (Our horses work hard and are kept on very rocky terrain, so they all receive shoes)

* Vet fees

* Other necessities such as de-wormer, hay, grooming supplies, reliable tack, etc.

We also appreciate item donations! We can always use some feed, tack, fly spray, etc. 


Choose one of our horses to sponsor for a day/week/month. We can send you information on exactly how much we spend on that particular horse and how we spend it and YOU can choose what you want to pay for and how long you want to pay for it! Sponsors will be featured in our biweekly newsletter! 

Every little bit helps, and we greatly appreciate it! Please make checks payable to Baylor Riding Association. For more information on how to help us out, contact our President Anissa Collier at